Wonderful Interactive Picture Book

With fresh powder on the mountains here in California, now seems the perfect time to introduce you to a new title, Bunny Slopes.    This is a story that needs the reader to help the narrator by actually shaking the book to get things going.  It is a wonderful interactive picture book that will have your kids tilting and turning with delight.

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Title: Bunny Slopesbunny slopes wonderful interactive picture book

Author: Claudia Rueda

Target: Preschool – Kindergarten

Series: No

What this book is about:

In this interactive story, Bunny wants the reader to join him on a ski day. However, he needs a little help getting the snow to come down so readers are asked to shake the book. Once the ski run is white and powdery, readers must tilt the book to get Bunny going. Of course turning the book around helps get Bunny out of the tree! He eventually falls through a hole where he is met by his mom and a warm mug of cocoa. Not a bad way to end a day on the slopes.

Why I love this book:

  • Claudia Rueda is the delightful illustrator of Here Comes the “Santa”, “Valentine” and “Easter” Cat books. Her collaboration with Deborah Underwood is a huge success and this foray on her own is another winner. She wonderfully captures the humor of Bunny meeting obstacles head on, with a little help from the reader of course.
  • The minimalist illustrations are quite striking and allow the reader to share in the emotions of Bunny as he takes on the challenges of a snow day.

Who this book is for:

This book will be an absolute hit for any read aloud situation. Fans of Herve Tullet will know just what to do to get Bunny moving again.

Final thoughts:

There have been so many Press Here copy cat books, and this is one is the first I have seen in a while that feels fresh and that has its own personality. Good job.

To purchase this book:

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