Who Is Watching You?

Today I have a book that looks at who is watching you and in which instances that can potentially help or hurt you.  This is an incredibly timely topic for kids, and the author gives them a lot to think about.  I think the issues around privacy will only become more important, so giving kids the tools to think about these matters now is important.

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Title: Eyes & Spieswho is watching you eyes and spies

Author: Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Target: Grades 4-8

Series: No

What this book is about:

This book looks at the variety of ways we are tracked in society and it challenges the notions of security vs. privacy.  From surveillance cameras and online exchanges to shopping habits and ID cards, where is the line between keeping us safe and invading our personal boundaries and rights?  

Why I love this book:

  • What a timely topic!  The author fascinatingly enough looks at the research done at the University of Cambridge to predict the personalities of Facebook users based on surveys and personality tests (this is before all the info on Cambridge Analytica came out)!  This is only one in of large series of examples of how your data is being used.  There are fascinating examples of where this data tracking has both helped and hurt us, and the author even offers kids dilemmas to consider when the case is not clear-cut at all.
  • I think the illustrations by Belle Wuthrich are wonderful.  They do a great job of breaking up the text and the color coding and layout are well thought out.  Her color choices and style give the book a high tech feel with a personal touch.
  • I do believe that as a society we will continue to wrestle with these issues.  I think they will only get more profound with time so kids now will be addressing these topics as they become adults.  Having them think about them early on will only make them more informed citizens.

Who this book is for:

This book is great for all kids who rely on electronic devices, so basically every kid.  I think it will give them pause to see how their information is being used and how surveillance affects their actions in general.  Great examples and stories will keep kids engaged in this topic.

Final thoughts:

This is a very good comprehensive look and how we are tracked as citizens and I appreciate that the author explores the nuances of the benefits and the drawbacks of being watched.

To purchase this book:

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