Whimsical Early Chapter Book

Today I have a whimsical early chapter book.  It is an import from the UK with both tenderness and humor.  Oh, and readers will learn quite a lot about the Asian tapir.

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Title: Mango & Bambang: The Not-a-Pigwhimsical early chapter book mango and bambang

Author: Polly Faber

Target: Grade 1-3

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

Mango is good at all sorts of things and practices them a lot because her father is busy working. She might be a little lonely. On her way home from karate she finds that traffic is all backed up because of an Asian tapir. Bambang is blocking the road. She quietly coaxes him back to her home with the promise of banana pancakes and a beautiful friendship begins. From swimming at the pool to getting “collected” by a neighbor with a net, Mango is rescuing Bambang quite a bit. However, when it counts, Bambang comes to the rescue of Mango during her music recital It really is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Why I love this book:

  • First off the illustrations by Clara Vulliamy are absolutely charming. How can you not fall in love with Mango and Bambang after seeing these whimsical drawings?
  • I really enjoyed how thoughtful both these characters are. They are so kind to one another even if the story is a little farfetched from time to time. Of course, there is plenty of humor as well so it isn’t too mushy!

Who this book is for:

Great for kids moving to early chapter books, although at 135 pages they should feel comfortable with longer sections of text. A good fit for fans of Claude or Tales from Deckawoo Drive

Final thoughts:

Another lovely import from the UK

To purchase this book:

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