Where Is That Bear?

Today I have a book that tries to answer the age old question, where is that bear?  Now what is a reader supposed to do when they are promised a book about a certain mammal and they fail to show up for the story?  The hunt is on, not litteraly of course!

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Title: The Bear Who Wasn’t Therebear who wasn't there where is that bear

Author: LeUyen Pham

Target: Preschool – Grade 2

What this book is about:

This book is literally about the bear who isn’t in the book. Readers spend the entire story looking for the bear. Of course there is a duck who thinks that the story should be about him, there are a few false sightings and some confusion about a “bear here” and a “bare hare”. The funniest gag comes on page 11, but I won’t spoil it for you. The author even makes an appearance and she is sure she drew a bear somewhere. Readers won’t be disappointed when the bear does eventually reveal himself, as they are the only ones to realize!

Why I love this story:

  • It is always fun when a book involves the reader and gets them in on the gag. This one has the animals and even the author sharing their thoughts with kids as they search for the elusive mammal.
  • The illustrations are bright and colorful with animal features cleverly exaggerated to make the story even more fun.
  • There are lots of speech bubbles. My kids love these and beg me to read each one over and over again as they giggle at the wisecracks made by the animals. It may make the story harder to read to a larger audience but for a smaller group these are a delight.

Who this book is for:

A great book for kids who like interactive stories. Reminded my of one of my favorite books An Undone Fairytale and if your kids liked that one, this will be right up their alley.

Final thoughts:

The placement of the bear and the way in which they seal the flaps makes it harder to enjoy this book if you get if from the library!

To purchase this book:

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