When Your Daughter Starts Noticing Boys

This is a wonderful book for when your daughter starts noticing boys. I mean boys come in all types, so what is better than a guide to help your daughter navigate through the species!

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Title: Boys: An Illustrated Field Guidewhen you daughter starts noticing boys boys an illustrated field guide

Author: Heather Ross

Target: Grades 5 and up

What this book is about:

Each chapter in this book classifies a different type of boy.  You’ve got your Dangerous Boys who make your heart beat fast and show you exciting things, but they also may forget to keep you safe.  There are Quiet Boys who don’t talk much but they are good at listening.  Girls need to practice listing too so they don’t miss learning about a Quiet Boy.  Beautiful Boys make you forget to breathe when they look at you, but sometimes when they look into your eyes they are looking for their own reflection.  However, in the end, it is the girl who knows herself that experiences the best love of all!

Why I love this book:

  • Ok, these illustrations are fabulous.  Charming doesn’t quite do them justice as readers will simply get sucked into the world of boys.
  • Moms will absolutely be able to relate to each of these boys. There aren’t good guys and bad guys, each boy has qualities that are appealing and some to watch out for.
  • The book even ends with a little lesson on heartbreak, something no girl can go through life without.

Who this book is for:

Great for any girl who is trying to get a handle on the boys around her.  This book along with The Confidence Code would be a great gift combo!

Final thoughts:

Maybe a Field Guide for Friends next.  I know a lot of kids who could use that one!

To purchase this book:

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