When Life Becomes a Video Game

What do you give a kid who only wants to play video games?  Why a book about when life becomes a video game, of course!  The book I am profiling today is a convivial romp through a day where every challenge a middle schooler can face is awarded experience points.  Making it the next level means facing some moments that could be challenging but will ultimately make you a better person.

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Title: Insert Coin to Continueinsert-coin-to-continue when life becomes a video game

Author: John David Anderson

Target: Grades 4-8

Series: No

What this book is about:

What if you wake up and your life has become an actual video game? That is exactly what happens to Bryan Biggins who finally accesses the secret level on the video game he has been playing. He has to insert coins to continue his daily life and the day provides a myriad of chances to gain experience points and to level up. Ace your solo in band, get +100 experience points, catch the runaway rat in science, more points. However, the game isn’t over until Bryan has faced all his fears which include a school bully and talking to the girl he has had a crush on for years.

Why I love this book:

  • This is such a fun premise and while I have limited experience with video games, even I could identify the inspiration for some of Bryan’s challenges. I mean a bike ride to school which turns into a race with a mustached guy throwing down a banana peel is definitely in my wheelhouse. But most kids will have fun seeing the challenges they have faced in actual video games come to life.
  • This book never takes its fantasy premise too seriously however, the issues Bryan is dealing with in middle school felt real. Kids will see their day unfold as Bryan does, minus the visit to the teacher’s lounge to retrieve the cake of gold (Twinkie)!
  • This book is hilarious and full of action. A winning combination in my book.

Who this book is for:

Great for video game loving kids. Kids who like action and humor will enjoy this one. Fans of Slacker will find this one a winner.

Final thoughts:

A big thank you to Ms. Yingling Reads. This is one book I never would have found without her blog which I frequent regularly!

To purchase this book:

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