Upcoming Adult Book Titles

I was off at BookExpo last week, and I stopped in for the adult book panel which highlights the upcoming adult book titles.  This is where the publishers highlight the book they will be promoting in the next six months.  I always like to give my readers a look at what is coming for adults because even moms and dads have to read.  I don’t know how good these titles are, but I do know that publisher think they will be their “hot sellers” and they are putting their ad budgets behind them, so they must show some promise!

If you click on any of the pictures they will take you to Amazon where you can preorder the books listed below.  Happy Reading!


Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear

By Kim Brooks

Publication Date: 8/21/18

This one was probably the most intriguing books to me because I am a parent.   The author left her child in the car in the parking lot of a Target while she ran in to get something.  She didn’t realize someone filmed her and as a result, she was shamed and the police were brought in to investigate.  Her book explores how the definition of good parents has changed, how private relationships have become public sport and how there exists a culture of national criticism.  Her goal is to address the anxiety of fearful parenting.  Yup, I am not afraid to admit that the judgment of other parents puts the fear of God into me from time to time.


Title: Maid

Author: Stephanie Land

Publication Date: 1/29/19

This book addresses an invisible group in society, the men and predominantly women who clean up for us.  The author worked as a maid while raising her toddler and going back to school.  She shares how difficult it is for the people supporting our economy to survive, how we treat them (I am going to go out on a limb and say not well) and what they think of us.  I am hoping after I read this that I don’t feel completely crappy about the way I interact with the lovely women who come into my home once a week.



Title: Ohio

Author: Stephen Markley

Publication Date: 8/21/18

This is a character-driven story.  Four classmates are profiled as they return to their hometown.  They are all inching toward 30.  They are the generation that has grown up with issues of race, the opioid epidemic, post-9-11 trauma and a housing crisis.  The book explores how their lives have been impacted and how these events have affected a generation.  I think it is interesting to start examing these events in the context of literature, as enough time has passed to start seeing the effects down the road.




Title: The Real Lolita

Author: Sarah Weinman

Publication Date: 9/11/18

Lolita by Nabokov is a well-known book, but few folks are aware that it was inspired by the real-life abduction of Sally Horner.  In this novel, the author tracks down Sally’s experience of abduction and reclaims her story from the fictionalized rendition.  Readers will learn of the true experiences of Sally Horner and how Nabokov usurped her story for his narrative.






She Would Be King

by Wayetu Moore

Publication Date: 9/11/18

This book is a fictional retelling of the formation of Liberia.  I have little to no knowledge base on Liberia so this one was a stretch for me. Apparently, it follows three characters, a woman exiled from her African village, a slave from Virginia and the biracial son of a white British colonizer and a black slave.  Their stories intertwine with magical elements that are key to the story.  The author thought it was time for a new narrative on Liberia and wanted to emphasize the resilience of Africa.





Title: There Will Be No Miracles Here

Author: Casey Gerald

Publication Date: 10/2/18

In this memoir, Casey Gerald looks at his rags to riches story.  Recruited to play football at Yale, he reaches the inner sanctum of wall street and the elite.  However, he begins to realize how marginalized those he left behind truly are, and how his ascension played into that, keeping others down.  He begins to realize that the American Dream isn’t for everyone.  We were told he has a fresh and compelling voice which intrigued me.