The Truth Can Be Complicated

This book absolutely proves that the truth can be complicated.  Sam is working on his issue of telling white lies and he proves that good kids can stretch things from time to time.  They also have to own up to their mistakes.

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Title: The Pudding Problemthe truth can be complicated pudding problem

Author: Joe Berger

Target: Grades 3-6

Series: First book in a planned series

What this book is about:

Sam has a questionable relationship with the truth. In all fairness he is a good kid who occasionally exaggerates or tries to avoid blame! Most everyone is on to him, however, as they try to get Sam to fess up to his daily missteps in judgement. But it isn’t until a bully is threatening his beloved cat Pudding that Sam finally confesses to the whole truth about his involvement with a certain broken figurine and ping pong ball in a jar of peanut butter … or does he?

Why I love this book:

  • Lots of humor with great illustrations to accompany the text. The jokes never enter the too gross territory but are perfect to keep the target audience entertained!
  • Lots of fun, quirky characters. A best friend with lots of hair covering eyes no one has ever seen and a cat with the biggest eyes who helps keep Sam on the straight and narrow just add to the amusement of the narrative.
  • A twist at the end of the story will have you rooting for Sam even more. Didn’t see it coming, so I loved it all the more.

Who this book is for:

Great for fans of Timmy Failure or Jedi Academy. An illustrated novel that will give reluctant readers a reason to rejoice.

Final thoughts:

The truth really is complicated!

To purchase this book:

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