Trees Just Might Make Wishes Come True

Today I have a book about an Oak, and darn if trees just might make wishes come true.  When Newbery award winner Katherine Applegate comes out with a new book it is a big deal.  This one is getting quite a bit of buzz and for fans of The One and Only Ivan, I predict there will be no disappointed readers.

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Title: WishtreeTrees just might make wishes come true wishtree

Author: Katherine Applegate

Target: Grades 3-6

Series: No

What this book is about:

Red is an Oak tree that lives in a neighborhood near the school. His best friend is a crow and Red is home to a bevy of critters. Now trees aren’t known to be talkers, but Red is a bit of an exception. He has become the neighborhood wish tree and he collects all the dreams of the people around him, which run the gamut from a flying skateboard to a world without war. When a new girl moves in across the street, and wishes for a friend, Red listens as usual. However, when her welcome to the neighborhood is less than friendly, Red feels compelled to help make her wish come true. But just what can a tree do?

Why I love this book:

  • Ok, how often do you get a book told from the perspective of a tree! Thankfully this one has a sense of humor. I actually learned an amazing amount about trees although the fact that they like puns may not be factually accurate.
  • This book takes on some bigger societal issues in a quiet and nuanced way. The new neighbor is an immigrant who would be helped by the support of the community. This book also touches on the topic of environmentalism. I mean how can you not feel for a tree who has seen it all but is at peace with his time here on earth.
  • While some of the issues are serious, the book has a wonderful sense of humor. And hey, if a tree can make a difference, just think what you can do!

Who this book is for:

This style of this book reminded me quite a bit of the author’s Newbery winning work The One and Only Ivan, so if your kids loved that story, this one is kind of a slam dunk. Chapters are short so this one would make a great read aloud. The story itself is quieter so kids have to be willing to invest.

Final thoughts:

I would seriously like to have a conversation with the oak in my backyard. Perhaps I might appreciate him/her more if I understood why the need to drop prickly leaves only on the paths where we walk. Arg!

To purchase this book:

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