Timely Story About a Wall

Today I have a timely story about a wall.  This book is not political in any way, however, it does teach kids that the scary stuff we are trying to keep out by building a wall, may just be what we need to help us when things on our side get overwhelming.  There are great messages about not demonizing people we haven’t met and underestimating the dangers that isolating ourselves can reap on us.

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Title: The Wall in the Middle of the Booktimely story about a wall wall in the middle of the book

Author: Jon Agee

Target: Preschool-Grade 2

What this book is about:

A wall is drawn into the middle of each two-page spread.  On one side we have a knight repairing a loose brick, and on the other side, we have a set of animals investigating the wall.  While the knight looks straight at the reader and addresses how happy he is to be on his side of the wall, unbeknownst to him, the water on his side starts to rise.  Just before he is drowned (and eaten by a crocodile), the ogre who has wandered over on the other side of the wall, reaches over and saves the knight.  The knight is terrified, but the ogre just laughs and shows the knight how lovely his side of the wall can be.  All the while, on the side the knight has just left, quite a few fish get eaten by bigger fish, reinforcing how lucky the knight is to have been saved.

Why I love this book:

  • First off this book is a visual treat for kids.  They will love seeing what’s going on on both sides of the wall simultaneously.  They will giggle as the knight is oblivious to the danger that is about to befall him, they will love seeing all the large animals run in fear from the tiny mouse and they will appreciate the incredulous look of the ogre when the knight fears the ogre will eat him up!
  • There are so many great messages in such simple text.  Don’t judge someone before you meet them.  The unknown doesn’t have to be scary, it may really be a positive change.  Perhaps what we are accustomed to isn’t always the best, simply the most familiar.

Who this book is for:

I think all kids will enjoy this story.  For kids who enjoyed Agee’s Lion Lessons, this one will be a slam dunk.

Final thoughts:

This book really grew on me over time.  It’s a great sign when a book gets better each time you read it.

To purchase this book:

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