The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom Continues to be a Fun Read for Kids

It’s Friday, so I get to pull a fun book out the archives to remind you that these stories that I wrote about just a few years back are still fabulous books to hand your kids.  The best part is that if it is a series, more books are out so you can keep the love going.

Both my younger kids have now devoured this series since I wrote the original review and it remains one of their top picks!

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Title:      The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
Author:  Christopher Healy
Target:   Grades 3-6
Series:   Yes
What this book is about:
So you think you know the story of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.  You can recite Rapunzel or Snow White in your sleep, and frankly they didn’t impress you that much the first time.  Well think again!  It turns out Prince Charming has a name – can you say Gustav – and the four princes from these stories are sick and tired of the girls getting all the glory.  In an attempt to set the record straight, these four disparate princes find themselves in their own adventure.  Can they save their kingdoms, or will their own distinct personalities get in the way of their ever finding true glory?
Why I love this book:
This book is just a laugh on every page.  I have read some reviews that compare it to The Princess Bride, and I think that is an accurate description.  Some of our princes are heroic and charming, others have lead a life of pampered luxury, still others give names to their animal friends such as Leroy and Conrad, and don’t forget the prince who always runs into battle, even if there is no battle.
I love books that give us a different way of looking at something we have always taken for granted, in this case the princess stories.  How fun it is for the reader to see that the perspective changes based on who you ask, and in this case the Prince Charming’s see things very differently.
Who this book is for:
Emphasis in the book is on the princes, so both boys and girls will enjoy this story.  Great for kids who like funny books.
Final thoughts:
Don’t believe every bard who comes along with a pretty tale!
To purchase this book:
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