The Epic Battle of Rock Paper Scissors

Today I have the epic battle of Rock Paper Scissors. You’ve played the game, now it’s time to find out where it all started.  Every household item is fair game in the quest for victory.  Dinosaur chicken nuggets are on notice, computer printers are on high alert and clothespins had better watch their backs when rock, paper and scissors are in the house.

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Title: The Legend of Rock Paper Scissorsthe epic battle of rock paper scissors

Author: Drew Daywalt

Target: Kindergarten – Grade 4

What this book is about:

Haven’t you always wondered where the game rock/paper/scissors originated? You haven’t? Well now you will want to pass this hilarious tale down through the family. Rock from the Kingdom of Backyard, Paper from the Empire of Mom’s Home Office and Scissors from the Realm of Junk Drawer meet after always tasting victory. They long for a fair fight where they might get beaten and so a legend is born!

Why I love this book:

  • The author of this book also wrote The Day the Crayons Quit. This guy can take a childhood classic and reinvent it into a side splitting and funny adventure that absolutely delights.
  • This book is a wonderful read aloud. The battles are epic, the foes are absurdly sincere and who doesn’t want to read the line, “I hope you’re wearing your battle pants”.
  • The illustrator Adam Rex does a wonderful job bringing these characters to life. This book is a visual treat.

Who this book is for:

This book is only for kids who love to laugh. No others need listen.

Final thoughts:

I think I would buy anything Drew Daywalt writes, sight unseen.

To purchase this book:

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