The Book Girls Need Right Now

This is the book girls need right now.  Given the influential men in entertainment and politics who are headlining the news for how they have abused their power in an effort to control women, the time is right for this story.  This story will empower readers to feel they are not alone and understand that a group of women speaking out can change things.  Sisterhood lives and can give girls the courage to be their most authentic selves.

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Title: Moxiethe book girls need right now moxie

Author: Jennifer Mathieu

Target: Grades 7 and up

Series: No

What this book is about:

Vivian Carter is a Junior at a small town high school where football is everything. The girls are expected to act like ladies while the boys feel empowered to make sexist comments and rate the girls based on their hotness. Viv finally gets sick of feeling powerless but she has always been a good girl and she is afraid to say anything. A trip through her mother’s closet inspires her to create a feminist zine, modeled after the punk girls from the 90’s. Soon girls start responding and a Moxie movement begins.

Why I love this book:

  • First off I totally got Viv. She is scared to go it alone when she offended by the boys but by creating her zine she mobilizes a sisterhood of girls who feel the same way. By inspiring others, the Moxie girls are each empowered to feel stronger.  They know they are in it together. There is strength in numbers. The author also doesn’t shy away from tackling the issue of girls who just don’t get feminism.
  • I liked the romance with Viv and her boyfriend Seth. It is a great model for how relationships should be but it also tackles the issues of the role nice guys play in helping girls when they feel harassed by not as nice boys.
  • The author also doesn’t shy away from the race and cultural divides. I loved how she addressed the topic of black girls who don’t feel included in the white girl empowerment. But really women’s issues are just that, about women, no matter what color or sexual orientation you may be.

Who this book is for:

All girls and boys should read this one. There are references to sex, although nothing explicit.  There is some swearing but nothing that felt gratuitous or not what you already hear in middle/high school.

Final thoughts:

I loved the zines included in the book. I frankly think given the political environment these days women of every age need a little injection of Moxie!

To purchase this book:

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