STEM Book for Girls

Yes, a STEM book for girls can be fun … I promise.  In this new offering, kids will get sucked into a great story that uses some of the crazy new ideas floating around in the world of high tech.  Increasing their scientific knowledge has never been this entertaining!

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The Flinkwater Factor STEM book for girls

Title: The Flinkwater Factor
Author: Pete Hautman
Target: Grade 3-6
Series: No
What this book is about: 
Flinkwater, Iowa is the home to ACPOD, a silicon valley type company that produces robots.  When everyone in town starts getting “bonked” unconscious by a screen saver, it is up to Ginger to figure out why and how to save them.  She, along with a boy genius and an animal activist start investigating the mystery which leads to more than they could have imagined.
Why I love this book:
  • Great use of technology and science fiction with real world applications explained in the back of the book.  Between talking pets and positronium gamma ray lasers, science is nothing but fun in this story.  Of course, what kid won’t get reeled in by the “poopnet”?
  • Loved that a girl was the main character in this science based book.  She is quirky, funny, sarcastic and seems quite at home with technology.  Male sidekicks keep it well balanced for both genders.
  • Thought I would hate the fact that Ginger is looking for her first kiss.  Romance in books for younger kids is always a bust, but this was so well done that kids will be laughing at the preposterousness of it all and Ginger’s matter of fact attitude.
Who this book is for:
Great for kids who liked Tesla’s Attic or Masterminds, although this book skews a bit younger.  Nice science fiction for both girls and boys.
Final thoughts:
The cover will definitely get girls to pick up the book which is a win, but boys may shy away from the cover despite the fact that the book is well written for them as well.
To purchase this book:
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