Spy In Training

Today I have a book that may fulfill a kid’s dreams to be a spy in training.  Imagine feeling invisible, full of tween angst and then suddenly finding out that your father is a spy and he wants you to follow in his footsteps!  Talk about your day getting better.

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Title: Bridget Wilder: Spy-in-TrainingBridget Wilder spy in training

Author: Jonathan Bernstein

Target: Grades 4-6

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

Bridget is the forgotten middle child in her family and the unnoticed girl at school. However, when a bag full of interesting objects appears on her birthday, she thinks they just might be a gifts from her biological father, whom she has never met and who may or may not be a spy. Could he be recruiting her to work at CIA agency, Section 23? Well, for this overlooked middle schooler a secret identity may be a dream come true.

Why I love this book:

  • This book is all about fun and nonstop action. I loved the double life that Bridget leads as she takes a turn as a spy. This book is fast paced with surprises throughout.
  • Bridget’s troubles at school felt all too real in the midst of a fantasy second identity. I think most kids feel invisible and struggle with friendships the way that Bridget does.
  • Who doesn’t love a female character that can kick some booty?

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who enjoy the Ally Carter books. The action and unexpected events will also entice readers of Stuart Gibbs and Chris Rylander.

Final thoughts:

Thoroughly enjoyable read. While not highbrow literature, I was completely caught up in this one.

To purchase this book:

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