Sports Book About Perseverance

My daughter sprained her ankle three weeks ago and hasn’t been able to play soccer or run cross country.  She is devastated.  She is a pretty positive and hard working kid, but right now it feels like nothing is going right for her.  That is why a sports book about perseverance is so important.

The athletes in the book I am profiling today had much greater setbacks than a sprained ankle.  They were able to not only overcome those obstacles, but use them to create memorable careers in sports.  This is a lesson most of our kids can use when they get injured, they go through a slump, they experience a growth spurt or they aren’t growing enough … you name it!

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Title: Rising Aboverising-above sports book about perseverance

Author: Gregory Zuckerman

Target: Grades 6-9

Series: No

What this book is about:

This book profiles the lives of athletes such as Tim Howard, Stephen Curry and Althea Gibson as they overcame significant challenges in their lives to become successful professional athletes. Readers learn about Jim Abbot who was born with only one hand but went on to pitch a no-hitter in the Major Leagues. Serge Ibaka who grew up in the war torn Republic of the Congo where his mother died and father was imprisoned but went on to become one of the best defensive players in the NBA. These stories and more serve as inspiration for kids.

Why I love this book:

  • First off, I just love the idea of this book. It is so easy for kids to become discouraged in sports when things don’t go their way. This book puts a lot of things in perspective and shows kids that their setbacks are not earth shattering nor are they the end for them.
  • I really like that each of the athletes was able to find the gift in their misfortune. Many of them credit these difficult times for giving them the skills they need to be so successful and that is an important lesson for all of us.
  • I wish there had been a few more women athletes and maybe a wider array of sports, but with soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis and hokey represented, I can’t be too critical.

Who this book is for:

Great book for any kids who play or follow sports. The age for the book skews older because of the challenges some of these athletes faced, including abandonment and sexual abuse, however, there is nothing inappropriate or explicit in the book so younger fans can also enjoy these stories.

Final thoughts:

I really wish this book had pictures! I was completely unfamiliar with some of these athletes because our family does not follow many sports other than soccer, so photos would have been nice.

To purchase this book:

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