Spies and Adventure for Kids

Today I am revisiting a series that if full of spies and adventure for kids.  This is a series that will have a new book coming out in October, Spy Ski School, and even though my son is a little old  for these books, he will devour it anyway.  A good book is a good book!

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Title: Spy Schoolspy-school spies and adventure for kids

Author: Stuart Gibbs

Target: Grades 4-8

Series: Yes

What this book is about:
Ben Ripley is thrilled and amazed when he is recruited for the C.I.A’s Academy of Espionage, a school for spies in training. However, when he gets there he realizes something is off. Turns out he wasn’t recruited as a student but as a plant to help catch a mole in the school. Is he up to the task or will he just be a victim in a bigger plot?

Why I love this book:
This book is a great ride and an exciting mystery. There are surprises at every turn and the suspense keeps up until the very end when the mole is exposed. The best review I can give it is that my son didn’t put it down until he finished!

Ben is a well written character who manages this crazy situation with humor and tenacity. There is a lot of great play on the James Bond concept, and Ben’s goofiness just adds a refreshing humor to the story.

Who this book is for:
This book is great for kids who like action, adventure with some humor thrown in. It is also a good mystery and I think the reader will be surprised by the whodunnit.

Final thoughts:
Great book covers.  I just love it when publishers get it right!

To purchase this book:
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