Resolutions for the New Year

I think is is always good to set goals for yourself, and what better time than the start of the New Year!  Now please don’t hold my feet to the fire on these, but hey, giving me a nudge from time to time is always appreciated.

2018 kicked my but.  From a personal standpoint, it really dragged me down and gave me a good beating.  But I realized that this blog and brand is something I am tremendously proud of, so despite the personal hurdles I do need to do more to nurture this endeavor.  I filled a lot of the sadness with things that really didn’t raise me up or fulfill me last year and while the challenges aren’t going anywhere, I do want to look back on 2019 and feel that I have more accomplishments to sit next to the failures.

So what am I hoping to accomplish?

  1. I want to read more.  Right now I fit reading in between chores and pickups instead of making it a daily priority.  I think I will have so many more books and insights to offer if I make it apart of my day instead of a filler.
  2. I plan on sharing more challenges and insights on Instagram.  I love the format of the social media site.  It allows me to put up more of my whims, quick thoughts and fun finds that may not be article worthy but will put a smile on your face or inspiration in your heart.  So … hint, hint …. follow me there if you don’t already.
  3. I am encouraged to share more of myself this year.  My hope is that as you get to know me more, you will enjoy my point of view and perspective.
  4. I want to double everything!  Yup, you read that right.  I want to double my followers, readers, and engagement.  I am not quite certain yet what levers I will use to do that, but if you continue to follow me, comment and enjoy the content, it only gets me closer.

Thank you to everyone who has engaged with me this year.  Continue to let me know what you love, recommend me to friends and just encourage reading.  Books really can open our eyes and give us the chance to live in someone else’s shoes in a way few other experiences can.

With love and gratitude