Removing the Stigma Around Periods

Today I have a graphic novel aimed at removing the stigma around periods.  A few years ago I might have shied away from this topic, but no more.  Women and girls are at a tremendous disadvantage when we hide or disparage menstrual cycles.  We create a society that doesn’t give women the tools to be successful and taxes them emotionally and financially.

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Title: Go with the Flowremoving the stigma around periods go with the flow

Authors: Lily Williams & Karen Schneemann

Target: Grades 6-12

Series: No

What this book is about:

Friends Christine, Brit, and Abby are all starting Sophomore year.  New girl Sasha is mortified when she gets her period for the first time and is completely unprepared.  The girls take Sasha under their wing.  They all become fast friends and while they can discuss their periods with each other, no one feels they can have honest conversations at school.  To add insult to injury, there are never menstrual products in the bathrooms for emergencies.  Brit deals with painful cramps that keep her out of school but feels she has to lie about the cause of her absences.  Other kids tease Sasha for getting blood on her pants.  On top of that, the girls are just trying to survive high school.  

Why I love this book:

  • Horray for taking the stigma out of periods.  Every girl gets her period and yet as a society we have made girls feel shameful, embarrassed and dramatic about it.  Schools don’t support the basic needs of young women by giving them supplies and time off when needed.
  • The authors did a good job of creating a storyline that will draw readers in while educating them. If I have one criticism of the book, it is that the message was delivered with a heavy hand and less as a complement to the story.  But I am a true believer in period equality, so my bias definitely has me recommending this one.  I also loved that the story was told in a graphic novel format which helped it feel more entertaining.
  • I appreciated that the characters were diverse so more girls will see themselves in the story.  

Who this book is for:

This book is for all kids who need to understand the role a girl’s menstrual cycle plays in her life.  Yes, that includes boys.  Without a period, reproduction would not be possible so it is irresponsible for boys/men not to understand how the basic biology of our species works!

Final thoughts:

The message I hope readers take from this book is that periods are a normal part of life.  

To purchase this book:

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