Presidents Were Kids Too

Continuing with the Election theme,  today I have a book that looks at the U.S. Presidents when they were kids. Now if you think these men were perfect upstanding little gentlemen … think again. They will give you renewed hope that your offspring just might have a chance at the Oval Office.

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Title: Kid PresidentsKid Presidents

Author:David Stabler

Target:Grades 3-7

Series: There are two companion books, Kid Athletes and Kid Artists

What this book is about:
This book is filled with stories about the American Presidents when they were kids. It is fun to see that they got into just as much mischief as kids today. We learn about Teddy Roosevelt’s obsession with natural history, Bill Clinton’s musical abilities and Herbert Hoover’s time living with the Native Americans, to name a few. Not only that, these kids plucked chickens, scooped ice cream, played pranks on their teachers and got into fights with their siblings.

Why I love this book:
The kids portrayed in this book seem no different from our kids, which is a fun way to show our children that no matter what, they too can grow up to be President. The stories are filled with clever illustrations and share a lot of the fun these men had when they were young.

While the author does trace their interest back to things that became important to them as President, this is more of a lighthearted look at history. I do wish there had been photographs of the Presidents since the book is not laid out in chronological order and kids may not be familiar with all the men being discussed. However all the stories are funny and it will peak kid’s interest to learn more about these famous men.

Who this book is for:
Great for kids who are interested in history or the Presidents. However, given the format of short stories, fun facts and plentiful illustrations, it would also work well for most kids, especially reluctant readers.

Final thoughts:
I am so ready for the next Presidential trivia contest. Bring it on.

To purchase this book:
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