Powerful Mystery That Includes STEM

Today I have a powerful mystery that includes STEM.  And by powerful I mean it is literally about the power shutting off.  Readers will learn all about the grid that delivers electricity while being caught up in a who dun it.

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Title: Zap!powerful mystery that includes stem zap

Author: Martha Freeman

Target: Grades 5-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

When all the power goes out in Hampton, residents think it will only be a few hours before things get back to normal.  However, when the blackout doesn’t seem to be ending, Luis and his friend Maura think there may be more afoot.  Maura’s grandfather had a stroke, but he left clues that lead them to believe something more nefarious is going on.  As they investigate, they find themselves becoming the targets.  Someone doesn’t want them to solve this mystery!

Why I love this book:

  • First off, I think the author does a deceptively good job of inserting information about power grids into the story.  Readers will learn a little about how power is generated, metered and delivered all while caught up in an exciting adventure.
  • I really liked the fact that Luis is modeled after a friend the author had when she was young.  Luis is the son of Nicaraguan immigrants.  He lives in a poorer neighborhood which has had its share of economic hardships when a plant moves away.  It’s refreshing that Luis gets to be the hero of this story.  His real story (which does not include chasing down the cause of blackouts) is profiled in the back of the book.
  • At the end of the day, this is just a good mystery that will have kids rooting for Luis and Maura to find the culprits!

Who this book is for:

Great book for kids who like adventure and science.  Fans of Sven Carter and Tesla’s Attic will like this one.

Final thoughts:

This book definitely had me looking at the family supplies in case of a power outage.  We are in trouble.

To purchase this book:

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