Picture Books Can Tame the Most Terrible Dragon

Books are incredibly powerful things and today I have proof that picture books can tame the most terrible dragon.  No kingdom should be held hostage to a bully, not when there are tales of brave dragons and wicked knights to keep them entertained.  This wonderful picture book will show kids that even especially terrible dragons are manageable.

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Title: Dragon Was Terribledragon-was-terrible picture books can tame the most terrible dragon

Author: Kelly DiPucchio

Target: Preschool – Grade 1

What this book is about:

Dragon really is terrible. I mean this guy takes candy from baby unicorns, he TP’s the castle and pops birthday balloons. That’s shameful. The king has had enough and offers a reward to anyone who can tame the terrible dragon. Many try, but no one succeeds, that is until a boy in the kingdom decides to read a book aloud under a tree about a brave dragon. Suddenly dragon is all ears and behaves very nicely so that he can hear the end of the story!

Why I love this book:

  • How do you expect me to resist a dragon that TP’s the castle? Darn you Kelly DiPucchio, you’ve got my number. Kids will love all of dragon’s “terrible” antics that are certainly giggle inducing.
  • How fun is it that a book is what tames the terrible dragon? Books really are amazing things.
  • The illustrations by Greg Pizzoli and funny and fabulous. Nothing scary here, just a bad boy dragon who needs some discipline.

Who this book is for:

I can’t imagine most kids not loving this story.

Final thoughts:

I am loving Kelly DiPucchio. Between Gaston and Everybody Loves Bacon there is some serious humor and range to this talented author!

To purchase this book:

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