Persuasive Arguments for Kids

I really enjoy a great picture book that entertains, expands kid’s vocabulary and teaches them how to formulate an argument to their audience.  I mean, I get lobbied for things on a daily basis, and sometimes I wonder if those kids just changed their approach how much more successful they would be.

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Title: One Word from Sophia
Author: Jim Averbeck
Target: Kindergarten – Grade 2
What this book is about:
Sophia wants a giraffe for her birthday, but she must persuade her mother (a judge) her father (a businessman) her uncle (a politician) and her grandmother (who is very strict).  Her arguments play to her audience as she produces polls, profit analysis and even a foot rub!  However, it is the one word “please” accompanied by a particularly compelling pair of pleading eyes, that garners her the most support.
Why I love this book:
  • First off this is a lovely story that shows kids both the power of a persuasive argument as well as simply the politeness that life often demands.  Of course, “thank you” comes in handy as well, as the ending shows!
  • I love that the book includes challenge words for kids such as “effusive” and “verbose.”  The words are deftly defined in the context of the story, but I think it is great to challenge kids and expand their vocabulary with them being none the wiser.
  • I like it when books expand our views of family and in this case Sophia is biracial.
Who this book is for:
Wonderful book for kindergarten and up since the text is a bit more sophisticated than preschool.  Most kids should enjoy seeing how Sophia goes about getting her “one true desire”.

Final thoughts: 
This may inspire some clever arguments in your household, but thankfully they will start with “please” and end with “thank you.”
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