Peek Into the World of Young Athletes

The book I am profiling today gives you a peek into the world of young athletes.  Connor is a hockey player with dreams of the NHL.  Hokey is not an inexpensive sport and the grueling workouts and costs can take their toll on a family, even with an incredibly supportive father.  So much of the pressure will resonate with young athletes no matter what their sport.

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Title: Checkedpeek into the world of young athletes checked

Author: Cynthia Kadohata

Target: Grades 4-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

Connor lives with his dad and his dog and he loves hockey. Hockey is an expensive sport and when Connor’s dog gets cancer he has to make choices between his dog’s health and the sport he lives for. Connor also has to deal with the pressure of a game where he may or may not be good enough to play professionally in the future. Following your dreams is not always easy.

Why I love this book:

  • I loved the realistic way in which this book dealt with the pressure around playing club sports in middle school. My daughter plays soccer but so many of these issues are relevant to her as well. The cost/time of these sports and the pressure these kids feel to move to the next level was handled deftly without undermining the way the kids love these games.
  • Connor was my hero. He is a great kid who is managing the death of his mother while his father steps in as a loving and supportive single parent. He is a good friend and an even better pet owner!
  • I enjoyed the hockey in the book. I don’t have a working knowledge of the sport and so I was surprised by all that is involved. I think true hockey players will really appreciate all their hard work being recognized!

Who this book is for:

Great for any kids who play club sports or any kid who loves hockey. Good for kids who like realistic fiction and books like Lost in the Sun.

Final thoughts:

While I really enjoyed this book, I do wish that it had been a bit shorter and included a more definable climax.

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