Pakistani Girl Fighting for a Voice

Today I have the story of a Pakistani girl fighting for a voice.  This book will show readers the importance of education and the cultural influences that prevent women from moving forward. We take so much for granted in the U.S. and this narrative will expose kids to a whole different world, far from the comfort of their privilege.  Meeting Amal will open their eyes to life for a girl in Pakistan and she is one feisty protagonist.

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Title: Amal UnboundPakistani girl fighting for a voice amal unbound

Author: Aisha Saeed

Target: Grades 4-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

Amal lives in a small village in Pakistan and she dreams of being a teacher.  However, when she unintentionally insults a member of the ruling family in her village, she is punished harshly for her insolence.  She is taken away from everything she knows and forced to work as a servant in a lavish household where her prospects are bleak.  While she realizes that silence only helps the status quo, speaking out can be dangerous and costly.

Why I love this book:

  • This was a journey into a different culture.  We take so much for granted in the U.S. regarding our rights to an education and our freedom as women.  It is easy to forget that girls around the globe do not enjoy the same basic elements of self-determination.  
  • I loved Amal.  She is strong and determined.  I also enjoyed the supporting characters that worked with Amal at the estate.  They created a family of circumstances who both support each other and cause more problems than they should.  There are also stark differences in their socioeconomic status and literacy and the story exposes the very real practices of indentured servitude.
  • Ultimately this is a gripping story that I couldn’t put down.  The fact that readers will be exposed to a whole other culture is simply an added gift.

Who this book is for:

This book is wonderful for kids who like realistic fiction.  It is also great for kids who enjoyed Playing Atari with Saddam Hussein or I Am Malala. 

Final thoughts:

This one stayed with me long after I finished the last page.  The sign of a great book.

To purchase this book:

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