Before They Were Authors

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Today I have a book that looks at kids before they were authors.  It is told in graphic novel format.  All of the individuals profiled became famous writers and none took the same path.  It is a lovely to way to show kids how author’s lives influence their writing and that maybe they too could become famous authors in the…

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Books for the Budding Feminist

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Today I have books for the budding feminist.  The first is a picture book about Gloria Steinem and the second is a biography of Cecile Richards, the past president of Planned Parenthood.  Both women have championed equality across genders.  They don’t shy away from making trouble and speaking out.  Their courage, I hope, will inspire young girls to find the…

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So Your Kid Likes Train/Car Books

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So your kid likes train/car books.  Today I have two books that I want to share.  Both are visually gorgeous. One is full of facts while the other is more lyrical, but both will appeal to the vehicle lover in your family.  Happily, you will enjoy pouring through these beautiful illustrations as much as your offspring! Don’t forget to follow…

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Decorate for the Holidays with Legos

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Today I have a book that will let you decorate for the holidays with Legos.  I remember an ill fated year when Christmas arrived in the midst of our remodel.  All our decorations were squirreled away in boxes off site with no hope of retrieval.  Lego creations saved our tree from the shame of being naked but none we made…

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Timeless Advent Calendar

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Who out there wants a timeless advent calendar that you can use again year after year?  Call me smitten with this new offering from Chronicle Books.  Each day is a new activity that will bring parents and kids together in the Christmas spirit.  The best part is that you can bring this book out annually.  That’s how Christmas memories are…

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One Good Deed a Day in November

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Some of you may remember that last year I gave books away every day in November.  It was really fun and I gave away an awful lot of books.  From neighbors to little free libraries to charities across the country no one was safe from my onslaught of kid’s books!     This year I am trying something a little…

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Tortoise for the Win

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Tortoise for the win in today’s book.  I was utterly charmed by this little reptile.  When his owner Sarah goes to school for the first time and leaves him home alone, he summons the courage to go after her.  But a little tortoise can only go so far in a day. Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook,…

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Is That Actually a Job?

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Today I have a book that will have kids saying “Is that actually a job?”  We have all read the books where kids can be a Doctor, a Lawyer or a Construction Worker.  But how about Dinosaur Duster or a Cow Massager?  Not jobs kids typically consider.  This book will open kids’ eyes to all the unusual passions they can pursue…

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Bringing Down a President

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With the current news about impeachment, I was fascinated to find this book about the Watergate scandal for kids (a big shoutout to Ms. Yingling at for putting it on my radar!)  This newsworthy event may have taken place in 1973, but some of the parallels and language used are eerily familiar as we look at events today.  This…

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Women’s Air Race Across America

Today I have a book that chronicles the women’s air race across America.  Never heard of it you say?  Well it happened in 1929, and if you think Amelia Earhart was a trailblazer for women in aviation, just wait until you meet Marvel Crosson, Louise Thaden, and Pancho Barnes.  Amelia Earhart may get the glory today, but as plane travel…

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