Tortoise for the Win

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Tortoise for the win in today’s book.  I was utterly charmed by this little reptile.  When his owner Sarah goes to school for the first time and leaves him home alone, he summons the courage to go after her.  But a little tortoise can only go so far in a day. Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook,…

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Is That Actually a Job?

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Today I have a book that will have kids saying “Is that actually a job?”  We have all read the books where kids can be a Doctor, a Lawyer or a Construction Worker.  But how about Dinosaur Duster or a Cow Massager?  Not jobs kids typically consider.  This book will open kids’ eyes to all the unusual passions they can pursue…

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Bringing Down a President

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With the current news about impeachment, I was fascinated to find this book about the Watergate scandal for kids (a big shoutout to Ms. Yingling at for putting it on my radar!)  This newsworthy event may have taken place in 1973, but some of the parallels and language used are eerily familiar as we look at events today.  This…

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Women’s Air Race Across America

Today I have a book that chronicles the women’s air race across America.  Never heard of it you say?  Well it happened in 1929, and if you think Amelia Earhart was a trailblazer for women in aviation, just wait until you meet Marvel Crosson, Louise Thaden, and Pancho Barnes.  Amelia Earhart may get the glory today, but as plane travel…

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Cut Out Board Books

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How cute are these cut out board books?  They are done by one of my favorite illustrators Ingela Arrhenius whose illustrations are simple, colorful and invoke the aesthetics of the 1950s. I just adore how the pages are shaped like the museum exhibits or the foliage.  Pages are sturdy but the edges may split in the grasp of over-eager hands.…

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New Series from Chris Colfer

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Today I am sharing the new series from Chris Colfer, the author of the extremely popular Land of Stories series and actor from Glee.  Generally, I am a little wary of actors turned authors.  Their books feel more like vanity projects than stories that will reel kids into an exciting narrative.  But call me pleasantly surprised and I even like…

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Looking for Peace and Quiet

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Today I have a book about a boy who is looking for peace and quiet.  Albert just wants to read, but the world around him is putting quite a few roadblocks in his path to tranquility.  The good news is that his friends really do care how he feels. Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

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Charming and Funny Picture Book

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Today on the blog I have a charming and funny picture book.  Anyone who follows me knows that I love a story that challenges a reader’s assumptions and in this case, both the king and queen assume they got a goat instead of a baby because they mistakenly asked for a kid. When the truth is revealed, readers will giggle that…

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A Fun Read for Tweens

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Today I have a fun read for tweens.  It’s another version of Freaky Friday and it shows kids that becoming someone else doesn’t really work to get rid of your problems. Don’t forget to follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email so that you don’t miss a single story where becoming famous isn’t the answer to…

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When the Plan Is to Get to Paris

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When the plan is to get to Paris, Cleveland Potts will stop at nothing.  She has a dream, a checklist and plenty of determination.  But what surprised me about this book is the depth of the issues with which Cleveland has to deal.  She has an incarcerated parent, and readers will get new empathy for families who struggle with loved…

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