One Good Deed a Day in November

Some of you may remember that last year I gave books away every day in November.  It was really fun and I gave away an awful lot of books.  From neighbors to little free libraries to charities across the country no one was safe from my onslaught of kid’s books!


one good deed a day


This year I am trying something a little different.  I have selected one book and I will be following its instructions throughout the month.  It is One Good Deed a Day from Chronicle Books.  It has 365 small actions that will spread good throughout the world.  I will only be committing to 30 days, but I encourage you to get your own copy of the book which is filled with inspiration.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we committed to a little bit of good every day of the year?

I will be sharing the daily activities I have chosen on Instagram and will document my results on Instagram stories.  Feel free to play along.  The book also has space where I can document the process and I will be filling those in as well.  Please share your success with me, it is always nice to know I am not alone in these endeavors.

Remember, check out Instagram for my daily good deed. Here we go…