Norse Gods Have Their Day

It is a good turn when Norse gods have their day and in graphic novel format no less!  I am insanely biased, being Norwegian and being named after a Norse goddess, but in the end who can blame me?  These stories are exciting, full of colorful characters, action-packed and pretty funny at times.  I give those Vikings mad props.

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Title: Gods and Thunder: A Graphic Novel of Old Norse MythsNorse gods have their day gods and thunder

Authors: Carl Bowen, Michael Dahl, and Louise Simonson

Target: Grades 3-6

Series: No

What this book is about:

This book is a compilation of four Norse myths that were originally published separately. It shares the story of the relationship between Thor and Loki and when Thor is disguised as Freya to free his hammer. They tackle the death of Baldur and the imprisonment of Loki and lastly Ragnarok, the final battle that brings the world to an end.

Why I love this book:

  • Anything that shares the Norse myths with a new generation is a win in my book. I grew up on these stories. While this book does miss some of the subtleties of the characters and the narratives it is a wonderful primer for the basics. The graphic novel format makes a whole new world of Gods easy to understand and remember.
  • The authors did pick stories that are full of action and adventure. There are plenty of battle scenes, making this selection anything but dull. The illustrations are bold and colorful, although my visual of Loki and the Giants was formed by D”Aulaires Norse Gods and Giants so I couldn’t quite reconcile the two in my head.
  • Let’s give the Viking tales the attention they deserve. Move over Greeks and Romans, there is a new game in town.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who are reading the Magnus Chase series to continue to familiarize them with Norse myths. If your kids love the series The Olympians by George O’Connor this is a perfect choice.

Final thoughts:

It could have used a few more appearances by Freya, just saying.

To purchase this book:

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