Newbery Contender for 2017

Because I read and recommend a lot of children’s books it is so much fun for me to try and predict which one will be a Newbery Contender for 2017.   I mean, this is the Oscars of children’t books.  Well, the book I am profiling today just jumped out at me.  I put it down and my first thought was that this book will stand the test of time.  Read it today, read it ten years from now, it will still captivate and catch the reader up in its story.  To top it off, this book is funny, it has heart and it gives kids a history lesson while keeping them thoroughly entertained.  Now if that doesn’t say Newbery, what does?

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Title: Full of BeansFull of Beans Newbery Contender for 2017

Author: Jennifer Holm

Target: Grades 3-6

Series: No but there is a companion book Turtle in Paradise

What this book is about:

If your children have read Tuttle in Paradise, they will recognize the main character in this story, Bean, the head of the Diaper Gang. This book revolves around Bean and his family. They are in the middle of the Great Depression and their town of Key West is transitioning into a “tourist destination” as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Bean is trying hard to help his family financially and also be the kid who rules the marble scene in town. Hard times cause him to make some bad choices so that he can bring money home to his mother. But his conscious gets the better of him in the end and he rallies his friends to perform good deeds to save their town.

Why I love this book:

  • I love Bean. There I said it. He is this good kid trying to do right by everyone and his voice is so convincing. His Diaper Gang keeps the lid on a secret recipe for diaper rash cream, which is the godsend of every mom in town. He tries hard, he gets hoodwinked, he makes some wrong choices and then he makes some right ones. And did I mention he has a wonderful sense of humor? What is not to love?
  • This book reminded me a bit of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Now stay with me. It’s not because the stories are the same, although there are some big brother/younger brother similarities. The reason is that the stories tap into some innocence and truths that stand the test of time. I can easily see reading Full of Beans ten years from now and feeling the same way about the story as I do today.
  • This is one of those books that I knew I would love from the first chapter. It sucks you in immediately and I can’t resist stories that do that.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who like the Judy Blume books. They will find a lot to love here.

Final thoughts:

This books was inspired by her son who wanted a story about Bean after reading Turtle in Paradis. That kid is a genius.

I love that all her books are getting covers by the same artist. This makes it very easy to identify a Jennifer Holm stand alone book!

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