New Middle Grade Series

Today I am sharing two new middle grade series from established authors.  The first is by Lisa McMann, the author of The Unwanteds and she has taken a different turn with a series that bears a slight nod to the old Animorphs books.  Margaret Haddix stays true to her science fiction writing with an other worldly dystopian thriller.  Both these books offer promising beginnings to new stories.

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Going Wild by Lisa McMann

In this story Charlie gets a package containing a bracelet that she thinks is to track her heart rate and speed.  It turns out that it gives her the power of different animal such as the strength of an elephant and the ability to heal like a starfish.  As she and her friends begin to investigate what the bracelet can do, they have no idea that they have become a part of a sinister plot.  This first book in the series sets up the premise as well as gives the reader insight into Charlie’s world.



Children of Exile by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Rosi is twelve and has been raised since birth by the Freds.  She and the other children in the town are told that it is too dangerous for them to go back to their real parents.  But one day without warning they are shuttled on a plane and sent back to their place of birth.  Their parents are nothing like they expect.  Fear and hostility are rampant and Rosi and the other children are confused.  Rosi is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery but no one seems willing to help her.  Action and mystery are the key ingredients to this new series and readers will be stunned by the reality Rosi is facing.