Must Read Back to School Book

Today I have a must read back to school book!  It isn’t very often I fall in love with the back to school fare that’s offered.  My favorites continue to be School’s First Day of School and First Day Jitters.  But now we have a noteworthy addition that hits all the right notes.  Dare I say kids will eat this one up!

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Title: We Don’t Eat Our Classmatesmust read back to school book we don't eat our classmates

Author: Ryan T. Higgins

Target: Preschool-Grade 1

What this book is about: 

Penelope is so excited about her first day of school!  She has a new backpack with ponies on it because ponies are delicious!  Did I forget to mention Penelope is a T-Rex?  However, her first day of school doesn’t go so well because it turns out her classmates are children and children are well, delicious.  After sampling a few, children that is, she is chastised and has to spit them out.  But try as she might, it is so hard not to take a bite.  However, when the tables are turned and she turns out to be a tasty treat, she learns her lesson and finally makes friends.

Why I love this book:

  • This book starts off just like every back to school book, with a little one hoping she will make friends.  It takes a hilarious turn on the fourth page when we learn Penelope eats ponies and from there the fun doesn’t stop.  Rest assured there will be no lingering fears after this book is finished because T. Rexes are extinct. Phew!
  • The artwork is marvelous.  My daughter and I loved the shoe hanging from its shoelace in Penelope’s mouth when she can’t stop herself from snacking on William Omoto.  Or when she saves Griffin Emery a seat right on her plate!  These graphics have great comic touches that make the story even funnier.
  • I love a book that will give kids a humorous look at the first day at school.  I mean no matter how tough the first day may be, at least they didn’t get eaten!

Who this book is for:

The author/illustrator is the creator of the Bruce series as well as Be Quiet.  If your child liked those or just likes to laugh this book is spot on.

Final thoughts:

Had the opportunity to meet Ryan Higgins and he is as delightful as his books.  But don’t tell him I said that – I don’t want it to go to his head!

To purchase this book:

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