Modern Retelling of Little Women

Today I have a modern retelling of Little Women.  I am afraid that the faithfuls may be up in arms over this, but I have to tell you that it works.  It is often difficult to get kids to see the magic in the books we loved as kids, but with the contemporary setting and current updates kids will be able to find the magic in this story and may very well be inspired to pick up the original.  Not such a bad trade off!

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Title: Little Women: A Modern Retellingmodern retelling of little women

Author: Laura Schaefer

Target: Grades 3-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

This is a contemporary take on a classic story. It is set in the current day with the March sisters lamenting that their father, who is in the National Guard, is deployed overseas. It takes us through the year with Meg (13) the fashionista and responsible sister, Jo (12) the athlete and reader, Beth (10) the musician and introvert and Amy (9) the artist and impetuous sibling. The girls learn to look after each other, take responsibility for their actions, and create meaningful friendships.

Why I love this book:

  • I was never able to get myself through the original version, but this one felt very doable for me. I fell in love with the March sisters. If you want to share the magic of the story with your kids but feel they are too young for the original or won’t be receptive, this is a great alternative. It is based on the first half of Little Women and will not dissuade your kids from reading the original.
  • While the story felt old fashioned in its innocence, the characters and the language were very relatable to a child today. It is one of those books that is rooted in life lessons that are timeless and kids will immediately pick the sister with whom they most identify.
  • There was a craft/recipe at the end of every chapter. A kitschy touch but a fun way to continue to capture the homey tone of the book.

Who this book is for:

Great book for kids who liked The Penderwicks. A lovely way to introduce a classic story to kids in a format to which they can relate.

Final thoughts:

This one works. Great addition for an elementary school library!

To purchase this book:

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