Medieval Fantasy Full of Adventure and Humor

Today I have a medieval fantasy full of adventure and humor.  I have been reading a greater than average number of books set in medieval times these days and I am beginning to think it may be the trend of 2018!  Given that these books are high on the action scale you will get no complaints from me.

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Title: Have Sword, Will Travelmedieval fantasy full of adventure and humor have sword will travel

Author: Garth Nix & Sean Williams

Target: Grades 5-7

Series: This is the first book in a planned series

What this book is about:

Set in Medieval times, Odo and Eleanor have come upon Biter, an enchanted sword buried in the river.  Biter decides to knight Odo, the miller’s son, much to the disdain of Eleanor whose mother was a knight.  The river has been drying up and with it the livelihoods of town. so a newly knighted Odo and Eleanor decide to go on a quest to find out the cause and restore the river.  Could there be an evil dragon draining the water?  Well, these adventure seekers know they must find out.

Why I love this book:

  • Based on the cover I actually thought this one would be quite silly, and it is, but in the best possible way.  I really enjoyed traveling with Odo, Eleanor, and Biter.  This is a real fantasy/adventure story and I was caught up in the suspense of the dragon and enjoyed the humor of a talking sword.
  • I liked how the author interchanged male and female knights.  While not historically correct, it does make you think that both women and men have what it takes to be noble warriors, or evil villains – a little foreshadowing perhaps?
  • This may be a small thing but I really enjoyed the map in the front of the book.  I checked it against the story several times and it really kept me on track for their adventure.  I like it when these additions actually supplement the story.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who like fantasy and adventure stories.  Kids who like The Rangers Apprentice or who are graduating up from The Knight’s Tale Series will enjoy this one.

Final thoughts:

This book was much better than the cover would have you believe.

To purchase this book:

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