Managing Through the Tough Stuff

The book I am profiling today looks at managing through the tough stuff, and Maverick has a lot of tough stuff in his life.  But ultimately he is willing to try to help others, and that is the best thing we can ask of our kids!

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Title: The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grademanaging through the tough stuff secret sheriff of sixth grade

Author: Jordan Sonnenblick

Target: Grades 5-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

Maverick has a tough home life. His father died in Afghanistan and his mother works too little, drinks too much and dates the wrong guys. But still Maverick finds a sherif badge his father gave him when he was young and decides he needs to stand up for the little guy at school, even though technically he is the little guy. Sixth grade isn’t easy and helping doesn’t quite turn out the way he anticipated, but then again nothing really does.

Why I love this book:

  • I loved the message in this book about everyone having a battle they are fighting, you just may not realize what it is. It is a message I try to remind myself about often but bears repeating.
  • Maverick is a great kid. Life has seriously dumped on him but he tries and isn’t that really all we can ask of our children? Maverick will appeal to the reader and they will root for him throughout the story.
  • Funny and sad combined to make this a quick, can’t put down book. I was completely caught up in the story.

Who this book is for:

Good for fans of realistic fiction who like a little sad and funny in their stories. Great for kids who enjoyed Lost in the Sun or The Best Man.

Final thoughts:

Man I really just wanted to give Maverick a hug after reading this book.

To purchase this book:

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