Magazine Subscriptions Are a Great Gift for Kids

Magazine subscriptions are a great gift for kids.  Not only do they encourage reading, but kids get a monthly present in the mail, which is always a special treat!  I have a plethora of choices that I give for the holidays to my kids as well as my nieces and nephews.  I have even found a few from the UK that deliver stateside to feed my daughter’s insatiable appetite for soccer!  Magazine subscriptions are literately the gift of reading that keeps on giving!












Disney Princess Magazine

This is one my niece loves so she usually gets an automatic renewal.  However, they also have one specifically dedicated to Frozen, a movie she also can’t get enough of, so it will be a toss up this year!  I always pair this with a fun Princess themed book or toy.


Thomas & Friends Magazine

I purchased this magazine for my own boys as well as my nephews when they were young.  I always paired it with a train to add to their set or a great train book like Freight Train by Donald Crews.


National Geographic Kids

This is one magazine my kids have received for years.  Great for both boys and girls, it is full of fun facts and cool pictures.  I always pair this gift with a National Geographic fun fact book.


Sports Illustrated Kids

This is a fun one for kids who obviously love sports.  It covers all the major games, even if my daughter thinks there may not be enough soccer in this one!  For my nephew who is a baseball fan I pair this with a set of baseball cards.














This magazine is out of the UK and is one of my daughter’s favorites.  Not only does it have all the best info for kids on the Premier League, but it also comes with lots of little disposable goodies that are fun to open.  It is a little more expensive than your average subscription, but we give it to our daughter as one her big birthday gifts and she asks for it every year.


American Girl

This or Discovery Girls Magazine are great for the tweens on your list.  My daughter loves reading about other girls and getting recipie and craft ideas.  I usually pair this one with an American Girl quiz book for a great holiday gift.


Mad Magazine

This one is strictly for teens only, but it has been a staple for my teenage sons.  This is one thing you will be able to get a teenager to read outside of classwork!