Let the Book Battle Begin

Let the book battle begin as our two characters can’t seem to get enough of a good story.  I am not too discouraged when the argument is over who gets to read a book.  Those are the kind of disagreements I can get behind!

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Title: Give Me Back My Book!let the book battle begin give me back my book

Authors: Travis Foster and Ethan Long

Target: Preschool-Grade 1

What this book is about:

Redd is reading a book.  Bloo gets upset because he feels the book belongs to him. As they fight over ownership, bookworm comes along and takes the book out from under them.  In an attempt to get it back they create their own story to lure bookworm out of hiding and come to realize that a story belongs to everyone who loves it.

Why I love this book

  • Well first off this is a funny story.  The back and forth between Redd and Bloo make this a wonderful read aloud as they play off each other in very clever ways.
  • I love the illustrations.  Bloo and Redd are quite convincing when they are annoyed with one another.  I also like the different color talking bubbles for each character.
  • It is great to have a story that celebrates books from the letters on each page to the funny little things called chapters.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who like to laugh.  Book lovers will really “get” this one.

Final thoughts:

This is one book kids will want to share.

To purchase this book:

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