Let the Con Games Begin

Let the con games begin in this delicious new novel from e. lockhart.  If your kids read We Were Liars this summer liked I recommended, they will be pumped and primed for the newest offering from this talented author.  Things are never quite as they seem, and that’s the best part!

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Title: Genuine Fraudlet the con games begin genuine fraud

Author: e. lockhart

Target: Grades 8 and above

Series: No

What this book is about:

The book starts with Jules working out in the gym of a swanky resort. However, she soon discovers that the police are on to her and she has to flee. Each subsequent chapter takes you back incrementally in time to how Jules ended up in that gym and why she is being hunted down. I can say there are multiple identities at play, an heiress and individuals lying to themselves and others. Let the fun begin!

Why I love this book:

  • Well if you have read Lockhart’s other book We Were Liars, you know that she is the master of deception. I adored how this novel seemed to be going in one directions and abruptly shocked the reader by taking a whole new turn. Of course I am also the fan of a good con, when not perpetrated on me, so this one was quite delicious.
  • This unusual step of writing the story backwards had me compelled to find out how it all started. It is a cool writing device, although there is a lot to keep track of so younger readers have to be up for the challenge.
  • Some interesting commentary of superheroes, wealth and class. I like that it has a broader message for the reader.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who read We Were Liars, but also kids who enjoy Trust Me I’m Lying and Heist Society.

Final thoughts:

This book really was a fun way to spend an afternoon!

To purchase this book:

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