Laura Ingalls Is Ruining My Life

How can you resist a book with the title Laura Ingalls is Ruining my Life?  It turns out that life on the prairie may be more therapeutic than originally thought.  Setting down roots in Walnut Grove proves to be just what Charlotte needs to find her way, because growing up is never easy.

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Title: Laura Ingalls Is Ruining My Lifelaura ingalls is ruining my life

Author: Shelley Tougas

Target: Grades 4-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

Charlotte’s mom moves the family constantly. This time they have landed in Walnut Grove, the childhood home of Laura Ingalls so that Charlotte’s mom can channel Laura’s spirit into her new children’s novel. Charlotte is not a fan. The cold winters and constant pressure to fit in somewhere new have her on edge. But just maybe this time Laura’s spirit will help her adjust to life on the prairie and let other people in.

Why I love this book:

  • Ok, I was that kid who loved all the Little House on the Prairie books so this one immediately intrigued me. I completely fell for Charlotte and felt her pain as she guarded her heart and adjusted to a twin brother who was pulling away from her. Her concerns and friend struggles felt all too real and kids will be able to relate.
  • Recently there has been a lot of talk about how Native Americans are handled in the Little House books. I was glad the author addressed this issue. She admired the resilience and charm of the stories without belittling the plight of the Native Americans in the prairie at that time and acknowledging that Laura Ingalls struggled to see them as real people instead of savages.
  • Sometimes a realistic fiction book can be a little slow. This one is a quick read and completely engaging

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who like realistic fiction or kids who are fans of the Little House series. There is an absentee father in this one so if your child is managing a similar situation, this one will resonate.

Final thoughts:

I worry a little about “selling” this book to kids. Adults will be drawn to it because of the Laura Ingalls reference, but kids may not be as aware of the series.

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