Kids Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

Kids like big books and I cannot lie.  Without a doubt the size of the present under the tree is important.  The younger the child, the more important the measurements.  My mother in law boasts a “Santa Bag” with significantly large dimensions, and each grandchild secretly hopes that their gift will come in said bag.  Usually that means that books will not rate high on the excitement factor because lets face it, they are not the size of  a Barbie Dream House.  

However, publishers have upped their game and their dimensions. Some of these books will run about  1 1/2 feet tall, not too shabby! This means that wrapped gift will get a little more interest because they are big.  And bigger must be better … right?

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City by Ingela Arrhenius

Take your kids through a visual journey of the city.  They will visit the fire station and the hospital. They will encounter soccer players and skateboarders.  32 gorgeous illustrations await them.  See if they can find characters who move about the city through these beautiful pages.


Animals by Ingela Arrhenius

Share 32 delightful animals with your young one.  My personal favorite is the Flamingo.  Identifying 32 mammals, birds and fish has never been more fun and these whimsical illustrations will charm you immediately!


Wee Hee Hee: A Collection of Pretty Funny Jokes and Pictures by Wee Society

The perfect book for the young comedian.  The jokes keep coming, with striking illustrations of course.  I mean who can resist “What’s the difference between a fish and a guitar?” “You can’t tuna fish.”  I think that one will kill at the next family reunion!

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