Insightful Story About a Child Managing ADHD

Today I have an insightful story about a child managing ADHD.   Currently, the estimates from the CDC are that over 10% of kids ages 4-17 have ADHD, so chances are high that your if child doesn’t have ADHD they know someone who is managing this diagnosis.  It can be difficult to understand since the symptoms are literally in someone’s head.  But many of the skills these kids have to learn are skills that all kids will benefit from incorporating into their lives.

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Title: Focusedinsightful story about a child managing ADHD Focused

Author: Alyson Gerber

Target: Grades 4-8

Series: No

What this book is about:

Clea used to do fine in school, but it feels like all of a sudden the work in middle school got harder.  She can’t seem to finish her homework, she gets distracted easily and can’t complete her tests.  The school wants Clea to get tested for ADHD, but she can’t possibly have that.  She isn’t disruptive and if she just tries harder she can get her work done.  But she does have ADHD and now she needs to learn how to live with it and advocate for herself.  Add in the drama that comes with middle school life, and Clea’s plate is full.

Why I love this book:

  • This book gives readers a great perspective of someone living with ADHD.  It can be a hard diagnosis to understand since the symptoms are literally in the person’s head, but they are all too real and challenging for those struggling to manage this diagnosis.  I really appreciated how Clea handled the medication and coping strategies for studying and taking tests.
  • It is important that the author emphasized how Clea had to self-advocate.  All kids benefit when they understand what they need to be successful and every kid needs to develop the skills of asking for those things.  
  • I liked the friends around Clea.  Every kid has their own battles and as Clea understands how each of her friends is managing something in their lives, her own challenges feel less noticeable.  Doesn’t every kid in middle school feel as though their problems are the most embarrassing thing possible?  

Who this book is for:

This book is for any kid with ADHD  but also for the kids they go to school with.  This book will help students understand what their fellow classmates with ADHD are managing on a daily basis.  

Final thoughts:

This topic was so well handled.  The author is managing her ADHD so she is well suited to write on this subject.  I like how empowering this book felt.

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