How to Conquer the High Dive

This book will teach kids how to conquer the high dive!  Who among us has not looked at that dreaded high jump and wondered if we had the courage to fall from that high up!  It is a right of passage at the pool and a fear kids have been facing down since I was young.  It is also an accomplishment that has given so many of us a a sense of pride and a feeling that summer is full of endless possibilities.

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Title: Jabari Jumpsjabari jumps how to conquer the high dive

Author: Gaia Cornwall

Target: Preschool – Grade 1

What this book is about:

Jabari has finished his swimming lessons and passed his swim test. That means he is ready for … the high dive! Or is he? He lets others go ahead of him in line, he has to plan his jump after all. He also needs to do his stretches before he dives. Pretty soon his dad reminds him that it’s ok to feel a little scared. A deep breath and the faith that you are ready are sometimes the boost you need to give something a try. And who doesn’t love the surprise of new experiences? Will Jabari jump?

Why I love this book:

  • Ok who among us has not looked at that high dive when we were a kid? I very clearly remember my fear of that board and I loved the water, but it was so high. This was my favorite illustration because it was exactly how I felt at the top. The water felt a million miles away.
  • I like how the author reframes the jumping into a surprise instead of focusing on the fear. Creating opportunities for excitement and joy is a much better way to look at the high jump. It is a lesson that will serve adults and kids well whenever they face challenging situations.
  • Love the diversity. We always need to see more faces of color in our stories and Jabari is a charming protagonist.

Who this book is for:

Great book for all kids. Universal message of facing your fears and one which many kids can specifically relate to in this summer season of swimming as they stare down the dreaded high board!

Final thoughts:

I found the illustrations in this book absolutely charming. Gaia Cornwall has really created the complete package with this picture book.

To purchase this book:

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