How Girls Can Become Bold, Brave and Fearless

Today I have a book about how girls can become bold, brave and fearless!  This is an adaptation of an adult book for women and provides some wonderful examples for girls on how to be proactive in their lives.  Risk taking and failure are part of the prescription, which can be scary for anyone, but the authors give strategic examples of how these actions move girls forward.

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Title: The Confidence Code for Girlshow girls can become bold, brave and fearless confidence code

Authors: Katty Kay and Clair Shipman

Target: Grades 5-8

Series: No

What this book is about:

This book is adapted for the adult book The Confidence Code.  The message in this book is that confidence can be learned and the authors break it down into three sections.  First girls need to risk more by tackling things that may scare them or where they may fail.  Second, they need to think less, and by this, the author’s mean to get out of their heads and gain some perspective.  Finally, girls need to be themselves and develop strategies for owning their own quirkiness.  The book also touches on issues of perfectionism and gender bias.

Pros of this book:

  • I love all the examples they give in the book.  This one is chock full of real-life narratives and dilemmas that actual girls are facing.  They ring true and girls will appreciate all the stories. I saw my own daughter in these vignettes and she wrestles with many of the same issues. The examples are also not repeated so each one is fresh.
  • This book is filled with quizzes and multiple choice questions.  I love that they give girls lots of options for how to solve problems and identify the motivators behind each one.
  • They tell girls to fail because science says that failure is what helps us to create success.  

Cons of this book:

  • The illustrations are pretty drab.  There is a lot more that could be done with layout and font to make this more appealing to their target.
  • The book didn’t have a great flow and while I really appreciated all the advice, it didn’t fit into as neat of a layout as it could have.

Overall this is a great book for girls.  The advice is right on point and the authors nail the issues girls are facing.  However, the structure and look may require parents to do a little selling to get girls to pick it up.

Who this is for:

This is a wonderful book for girls about to go to middle school, girls in middle school and girls about to start high school.  It tackles the challenges of this age group perfectly.

Final thoughts:

This book shares all the things I try to say to my daughter but she doesn’t listen to because I am her mother. 

To purchase this book:

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