Holiday Gifts for Book Loving Kids

Holiday Gifts for Book Loving Kids


Time to start thinking about the holidays.  But don’t let it worry you.  I have some wonderful suggestions for all the book-loving kids on your list.  These are my favorite picks this year for the kid who reads while eating breakfast, with a flashlight at night or in the car on the way to, well, anywhere!

Each photo is linked to the website where the item can be purchased.  These picks are simply my own must have recommendations.  I receive no compensation from any of the vendors.



How cute is this pillow from Etsy?  At $16.95 it is the perfect plea from every kid who is in the middle of a can’t put down read.  You can choose the design color that matches your child’s room or go with the classic above.



If you are a book lender like I am, how great is it to stamp your books so everyone knows who they belong to?  When I was a kid I scrawled my name in all my books, but I would have much preferred this stylish stamp to make my mark.  You can pick your ink color to express your individuality.  At $20.95 this is a great gift to include with a volume of their favorite book.



I would love to look back and see what titles I would have listed as my favorite books as a kid.  You can personalize this poster with the child’s name, book titles, and colors.  Yes, there are more colors available if these don’t fit your child’s decor!  It is a fabulous way to capture a moment in time.  Prices range from $29-$248 framed, depending on the size selected.  The hardest part may be picking just five books.



Let your kids show off their addiction with pride!  This will appeal to the book-loving fashionista on your list, and at $12.75, why not pick up one for yourself as well.  Nothing like family bonding!



I am totally enamored with these book nightlights.  What a soothing way to go to sleep at night.  They not only provide comfort but are a great reminder to read.  At $29.95 what a delightful way to decorate with books.


I always manage to get a game under the tree during the holidays.  This one looks so much fun.  Everyone brings their favorite book and has to answer prompts using quotes from their texts.  Any book works, from action/adventure to nonfiction to graphic novels.  At $12.08 it will have the whole family reading together … sort of.


I think this is the perfect gift for any kid that reads while eating their breakfast cereal!  I love the contortions they get into to scoop the Cheerios out of the bowl while keeping their hand on the book so they don’t lose their place.  This will solve all that, along with those pesky milk drips.  At $29.99 it wipes clean and keeps your reader right on track.