History of American Presidents

It is important to have a book about the history of American Presidents in your home.  I also keep reference books about global history as well as a great kid’s atlas.  These are perfect for not just inquisitive minds but also when a discussion at home turns to events/places in which your familiarity may be waining or when a report is due – TOMORROW!  While not used on a daily basis, I am always amazed at how well worn these books have become over the years.

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Title: Grover Cleveland, Again!grover cleveland again history of american presidents

Author: Ken Burns

Target: Grade 3-7

What this book is about:

This book profiles all of the US Presidents up to and including Barack Obama. Each two page spread shares their major accomplishments and challenges. There are banners throughout with interesting tidbits about their lives as well as a side ribbon with important facts such at time served, birth, death and of course the presidential pets!

Why I love this book:

  • Well it is written by Ken Burns so that peaked my interest immediately. He does a good job of identifying and simplifying major events so that they are relatable to kids. There is a lot of information here and yet each two page spread never feels overwhelming.
  • Without a doubt any author of history has a take on each president which may or may not align with yours. It is always fascinating to me to see how they handle sensitive issues and what they chose to focus on, especially with more recent Presidents for whom there isn’t the perspective of time. I think Ken Burns does a good job. I would say he is fairly neutral and he shares both the good and the bad of particular Presidents.
  • The illustrations by Gerald Kelley are gorgeous and really bring this book to life.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who love history, especially American.  Children who enjoyed Kid Presidents should like this one. Wonderful reference book for your home.

Final thoughts:

It will be interesting to see how authors handle #45 given the absolutely divergent viewpoints on his presidency.

To purchase this book:

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