History Can Be Fun

Today I have a book that shows kids that history can be fun!  I have always said that I think history textbooks should be written in graphic novel format.  Our past is really a story of how we got to our present-day circumstances.  Bringing that story to life with an arc, a graphic component and humor will make it more compelling, relevant and increase recall for students.  I am not reticent about admitting that my sons used historical graphic novels to study for exams and the experience was much more pleasant for everyone involved!

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Title: Action Presidents: George Washingtonhistory can be fun action presidents

Author: Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey

Target: Grades 3-8

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

This book is a graphic novel that tells of the life and experiences of George Washington. It metaphorically cuts down the story of the cherry tree and shares the real stories of George Washington with kids. Filled with historical facts and probably not historically accurate humor, kids will laugh while learning about our founding father, bad teeth and all.

Why I love this book

  • I absolutely believe that all history textbooks should be done in graphic novel format. Books like these remind us why history is so important and understanding the actions and context of the past is relevant.
  • This is humorous stuff. The jokes keep coming, but never I felt they detracted from the history. Kids will learn about important battles, the evolution of America from a set of disparate states to a united country and the foreshadowing of a country that had still not faced the stain of slavery.
  • Good graphics that move the story forward in a funny and compelling way.

Who this book is for:

This book is wonderful for kids who like the Hazardous Tales series. Graphic novel/illustrated novel fans will also enjoy this offering.  Perfect for kids who like history as well.

Final thoughts:

I had no idea that Washington had lost so many battles early on.

To purchase this book:

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