Help Kids Discover Their Passion

This is a delightful book to help kids discover their passion.  I have three children and we tried just about every activity out there.  Some stuck, but most didn’t and it wasn’t until we hit on the right things that I saw my kids’ faces light up.  The difference in their enthusiasm and level of commitment was palatable when they got involved in the activity that was the perfect fit for them.

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Title: The Cranky BallerinaCranky Ballerina help kids discover their passion

Author: Elise Gravel

Target: Preschool – Grade 1

What this book is about:

Ada hates Saturdays. How can that be? It is because she has to go to ballet class on Saturday and Ada detests ballet. She tries to master the moves shown to her by her teacher Miss Pointy but she ends up kicking, swooshing and swatting instead. It turns out those are the best moves in karate! Now karate makes Ada smile. But not everyone feels the same way.

Why I love this book:

  • This book shatters stereotypes about what things kids should like and opens the door for things they may actually like. Not every girl is going to love ballet and not every boy is going to go for karate. Find what puts a smile on your kid’s face.
  • I love the illustrations. They are modern, charming and quirky. Action words are highlighted setting the tone for a book where the message is not lost.

Who this book is for:

Fun for most kids, especially ones who are looking for their unique passions.

Final thoughts:

This book resonated with me because my daughter was the cranky ballerina. One soccer ball later and she was beaming from ear to ear.

To purchase this book:

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