Graphic Novel to Remind Kids of Summer

Today I have a graphic novel to remind kids of summer.  Now is about the time they are looking back nostalgically at those three months of freedom.  This book will remind them of the good times, but also some of the struggles that summer brings with it.  Friendships can be tested and boredom can set it which are all things kids have to manage, including the main character in this story.

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Title: All Summer Longgraphic novel to remind kids of summer all summer long

Author: Hope Larson

Target: Grades 5-8

Series: This is the first book.  There are sequels planned.

What this book is about:

Bina has just learned that her best friend Austin will be gone to soccer camp for the summer, so she is facing the school break alone.  After her family cuts her off from a Netflix binge, she manages to befriend Austin’s sister and help with some babysitting jobs to fill the time. When Austin does return, things are different.  However, her love of music is constant and when she gets invited to see her favorite band play she is inspired to find new friends through her passion.

Why I love this book:

  • First and foremost it is a reminder that summer is not all pool parties and trips to town for ice cream.  For a lot of kids, they are sitting around playing on the computer or yes, even binge-watching Netflix.  I liked that the author addressed this reality.
  • I appreciated that this book was about growing up, without any boy crazy stuff or inappropriate material.  Hey, those things are important to address, but not every story needs to be about the big stuff.  Kids are more often dealing with managing friendships with other kids, figuring out what they enjoy and handling relationships when their close friends are not available.
  • I liked the multiracial aspect of the story.  Bina is mixed race, which doesn’t play a key role, but it does allow more kids to see themselves in books.  I also liked that Bina can be the lead in the band.  Power to the ladies.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who like graphic novels, especially books like All’s Fair in Middle School.  It reminded me a bit of The First Rule of Punk so if kids like that book give All Summer Long a try.

Final thoughts:

I am torn on the best friendship between a boy and girl in middle school featured in the story.  While these friendships certainly do occur, they are rarer and not as relatable to the average reader. 

To purchase this book:

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