Graphic Novel About Managing Friendships

I think everyone one of us needs a graphic novel about managing friendships.  Fortunately for our girls, Shannon Hale has shared her experiences when writing the wonderful book Real Friends.  Hey, elementary school can be tough and girls can get their feelings hurt easily.  It is just nice to know that so many other people are feeling the same way and that girls are not alone in their experiences.  Yes, everyone of us has to manage “that” girl … you know the one I’m talking about.

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Title: Real Friendsreal friends graphic novel about managing friendships

Authors: Shannon Hale & LeUyen Pham

Target: Grades 3-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

This graphic novel is autobiographical and looks at the author’s friendships in grade school. Shannon finds her BFF Adrienne in Kindergarten but by third grade Adrienne wants to hang out with other girls at school too. Page is the leader of the friend group Adrienne joins, and currying her favor is not always easy for Shannon. The dynamics of the group aren’t always easy or comfortable, but Shannon is afraid to leave and be left with no one. This is an honest look at managing the competitive world of friend groups and finding a way to feel you belong.

Why I love this book:

  • Ok, there is not one person who won’t be able to relate to this story. While each an every scenario in the book may not mirror your own, there are enough similarities to managing life in grade school that every child and adult who picks up this book will nod with a knowing sense of understanding and an ache of familiarity.
  • LeUyen Pham’s illustrations are so engaging and appealing that kids will be drawn into the story immediately. When I handed my daughter the book she didn’t roll her eyes once. She just took it into her room and read it in one sitting.
  • I loved the author’s note at the end which shares her feelings on the story as well as her actual class pictures from grade school. Kids will love seeing the real Shannon in her adorable awkwardness.

Who this book is for:

Any fans of Raina Telgmeier will absolutely love this story. While the character Shannon is in grade school, even middle school kids will relate to this story. My daughter liked reflecting back on grade school because the scenarios really hit home.

Final thoughts:

This book taps into the sad and happy parts of friendship in a painfully honest way.

To purchase this book:

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