Give Back for the Holidays

Today I have a wonderful chance to give back for the holidays.  zulily has partenered with Penguin Random House and First Book to give a book to libraries impacted by the hurricanes for each book you purchase.  This is a wonderful chance to pick up some great titles at discounted prices and give back to those in need.  What a wonderful win/win this holiday season.  Follow this link for great deals and a chance to help those libraries who lost so much to the winds and floods: Buy One Give One

Selections change every week until December 10 when the promotion ends, so don’t wait to help.  Books always provide light and hope so share some with the victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.


Here are some titles they are featuring this week that I love:

give back for the holidays

I love Santa Cat!  This is a new Christmas classic and if you haven’t added it to your collection yet, what are you waiting for?


give back for the holidays


Our family reads this Christmas classic on the night before Christmas every year.  The kids are way too old now but they still expect their dad to get his glasses on and share this story.  It just wouldn’t be Christmas if he didn’t.  The illustrations by Jan Brett are gorgeous and this version can’t be beat.


give back for the holidays

Ok, I am a sucker for anything I had as a child.  This book was magical when I was a kid and I still love it.  Retro is always in and even though the toys have changed isn’t this what every kid pictures in their imagination when they think of Santa?