Girl’s Basketball Book

Today I have a girl’s basketball book that speaks to kids who are juggling club teams, academics, and friendships. Sound familiar?  It is great to have a book with the ladies at the helm as girl’s sports continues to increase in prominence, although not fast enough, in my humble opinion!

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Title: Nikki on the LineGirl's Basketball Book Nikki on the line

Author: Barbara Carroll Roberts

Target: Grades 5-8

Series: No

What this book is about:

Nikki is moving from her rec league basketball team to an elite club team, and the transition is not easy.  She used to be the best, but now she is struggling to find her footing.  The financial cost of being on the team also means that she must babysit her little brother after school instead of taking conditioning classes with some of the other girls.  As she struggles with school work, basketball and friendships, was this travel team really be worth it?

Why I love this book:

  • I love to see the rise of sports books with girls at the helm. The commitment required of these girls is something we frequently debate in our house as my own daughter juggles homework, friends, and soccer.  I absolutely feel readers will appreciate Nikki’s struggles and feel seen.
  • I liked that while the book shared many of the challenges that Nikki faced, it also didn’t shy away from the fundamentals of basketball.  There were certainly some sections of the book where my lack of basketball knowledge was evident. I couldn’t necessarily understand all the issues as they related to point guards vs. shooting guard, but I did get that changing positions to one that is unfamiliar is not easy.
  • Nikki is a very likable and relatable character.  She is working through who she is, enjoying a small crush, and dealing with a best friend who may be finding new friends.  Sound like an 8th grader you know?  

Who this book is for:

Great for girls who are interested in sports or simply kids who like realistic fiction. Good selection for kids ready to move up from the Hoops series.  Reminded me a little of Checked for the cost and commitment of a sport in middle school.  

Final thoughts:

Nikki On the Pitch would be a great sequel.  Ok, I’m a little soccer biased.

To purchase this book:

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